Vince Leone


FB Gallery Driver

Name: Vince Leone

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

The first time i was ever excited by drifting was spectating the first AutoMass. I had seen photos and videos of drifting, but never in real life until that day. It obviously sold me on it if I’m typing this email.

What drivers influenced your driving style?

While thinking about my overall drift style, I would have to say it is heavily influenced by my favorite era of drifting. The era I am referring to is 2007-2013ish Chicago street drifting. Low-riding, loud vehicles with vibrant paint and chrome wheels, meeting up with your best homies for a night out, videos of LaGrou and Goose edited to hip-hop music, all of it. It was the closest thing in real-life to a Fast and Furious movie... in other words, everything I wanted to be a part of.

What cars influenced your car’s style?

As far as influential cars go, my answer above of “2007-2013ish Chicago street drifting” can be applied to this as well. Besides that era of cars, I’ve always been a huge fan of all the Drift Faction (the original DRIFT faction cars). I can’t leave Japan out... the original Sexy Knights cars and the Remains Low cars will always be my all-time favorites. Lastly, I’d by lying if I said Brian O’Conner’s orange Supra had nothing to do with my car’s appearance.

What drivers influenced your driving style?

I’m not sure if it sounds lame or not, but all of my friends are the ones who have influenced my driving style. I really enjoy watching drifting videos, I could watch them all day... but I can’t think of anyone’s driving style that I’ve replicated. My driving style is a product of the past six years I’ve spent drifting with my best friends, watching them, and changing the ways I pilot my vehicle when I’ve been given tips along the way.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I think anyone invited to this event is on the same “path” of drifting. We are all here because competing is not the priority, no one is trying to acquire sponsorships, and we just want to have fun. I stopped playing sports a long time ago because the seriousness took the fun out... I would probably do the same with drifting if it became as serious.


Machine Check


Engine: S14 SR20DET

Turbo: T28

Footwork: Stance Suspension XR1, 12K/10K

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