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Name: Shane Lach

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have and when did you first get truly excited about drifting?

Drifting for me began before drifting was even a part of my life. Before drifting, life was about rollerblading. I grew up skating with my current teammate, Kevin Phan. The atmosphere and drive to constantly push each other, see new places, meet new people, and experience the adrenaline rush felt from pushing yourself beyond your fear was something that I could not get enough of.  Eventually after years of abuse, the injuries added up and it became harder and harder to continue doing what we truly loved. This came when I was about 17. I had recently gotten my license the year before and was looking for an affordable sports car to modify. Initially I wanted a 300zx, but insurance costs pushed me towards a 1991 240sx hatchback. A compromise I am happy I made in the end. Immediately after purchase came the modifications. Exhaust, Enkei 91 wheels, coilovers, aero. While building what was my first modified car, I discovered the rush of sliding the car on the streets. The feeling was oh so familiar to the atmosphere and rush obtained by skating. Kevin purchased his very own 240sx around the same time as myself and we were hooked from there. I eventually wrote off 2 chassis trying to learn the sport on the streets. My third and current chassis is where I really buckled down and focused on the finesse of drifting, as I grew tired of destroying cars. This car as changed very slowly, methodically, perfectly to match my driving.

What cars influenced your car’s style and what drivers influenced your driving style?

We began stylizing our vehicles in our own personal yet similar ways, attending local drift events, and gaining inspiration from those around us. For me, drifting inspiration came on a more personal level, rather than watching online. My greatest push was from my teammate, but in addition to that, local drift team, Drift Faction, also pushed improvement. I have fond memories of Kyle Landers and DF Derek Topulos waving their arms and yelling track-side as we drifted by, hyping us drivers up. The feeling was oh so similar to skating. Watching Kyle's super aggressive driving technique, combined with Dave O'Leary's finesse behind the wheel really helped increase my skill and opened my eyes to exciting drifting technique. Besides the locals, I aspire to be even half as smooth behind the wheel as N.O.B. Hand style is as big a part of drifting to me as car and driving style. 

 Aside from those people listed, I don't really watch too much drifting. Growth has been as close to organic as possible. I am pretty hard and critical on myself. Always studying footage after an event, making mental notes on what to change and what I did right for the next drift day. Creating a personal style and technique is very important to me, instead of replicating others vehicles and driving. Drifting is honest expression in my eyes. I'm not really one with words. Driving my car the way I feel, the way that excites me and hopefully others who watch is what I strive for.  My car is fairly simple, but built to be an extension of myself. One could easily cut the quarters up, slap on overs and wider tires, more power, raise the car to a more competitive, driveable level, and it would operate better. But then it wouldn't be honest expression. I want to out-drive my car, not have the car out-drive me. That is extremely important.

In the future, I hope my vehicle and driving can inspire, excite, and even educate those who are in shoes I once was entering the sport. I hope to create my own history, not repeat others.

Enjoy the ride

Shane Lach



Machine Check


Engine: Manley rods, Wiseco pistons, stock top end, S15 turbine, STi injectors, GM 3 bar map, Nismotronics.

Cooling: KOYO N-FLOW radiator, NISMO thermostat, GKtech fan, stock clutch and shroud. Greddy oil cooler, power steering cooler.

Transmission: CD009

Power: 300HP/301TQ

Suspension: Stance coilovers, PBM links, home made S13 LCA extended 1', home made rack relocation. PBM front knuckles, PBM inner tie rod, Moog s14 outer tie rod.

Interior: FULL. Cusco 7 bolt in point roll cage, Nardi wheel, Greddy gauges, Buddy club P1/Bride BRIX

Wheels: 17x9+15/18x9.5+22 OG TE37

Aero: Origin Streamline front, Shine Auto Spec G sides, Ezo-ism rear. 180sx spoiler, M-Sports hood.

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