Sebastian Suaza


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Name: Sebastian Suaza

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

Eh, idk how to say things. But I’ve been obsessed with cars since I was a toddler, then in high school I became obsessed with YouTube videos of drifting. That has been my life the past 14 years , obsessing over every little detail, what noise should the car make, how should the interior look, but mainly obsessing over the driving styles I was looking at, how to be aggressive but smooth, how to control the car with a full balance (gas, brakes, clutch), where and how to keep your hands. My obsession has brought me nothing but good memories, good friends, and most of the life skills I have. I obsess over every little detail on my car. Due to the amount of driving I wanted to achieve and was always limited on a budget (high school kid with 0 help from single parent, even working 2 jobs at times), my obsession has turned into skills. Paint, body, wiring, welding, and just an overall obsession with drifting has taught me just about everything to do with these “drift” cars and how to do it myself so I can be self reliant and accomplish as much as I have. 

Ive  volunteered for years just so I could be around drifting, I’ve done anything I could just to drive or be around drifting and If I’ve learned anything, is to love doing what you do, no matter how dumb, weird, or stupid your obsession may be. Love it, be passionate about it, set goals and reach them without excusing yourself. Push push push, and just have fun, the most important part, have fun! Don’t burn yourself out! Have fun, meet people, give ride alongs, go different states. Drive drive drive! 

I’ve only had 3 cars really, couple shells as spares but only 3 cars I’ve fully got to drive, the hatch 180 type x style, the s13 coupe, and my r32. Love them all and miss the ones I had to move on from - to give life to the others.


Machine Check


Engine & Drivetrain: 1998 sr20det type x, Oem full rebuild/Gaskets, Oem rings, Oem matching block bearings, Cosworth head gasket, Stock bore, 1.2m for head and block deck. Arp head studs, Oem valve stem seals, Hks 256 cams, Every gasket and seal was checked and replaced, MrCopper exhaust manifold gasket, Thermo intake manifold gasket, Five 0 1200cc injectors, Aem fpr Wb 450lph fuel pump, Greddy trust manifold midmount, Greddy Td06sl2 with all new bearings, billet wheels and 11 blade turbine Greddy ic piping. Cut for mid mount ic setup with a proper sized intercooler, radiator Greddy type R bov, Greddy catch can, Greddy rad cap, Blitz oil cap, Custom top garage downpipe, Buddy club spec 2 exhaust #20 made for s13. Tial mvr wastegate, Blitz super air filter, Weld coil pack cover Z33 coilpacks, Gk tech clear cas cover, Nismo motor mount Solid trans mount 1pc drive shaft, Orc 409d clutch S14 vc mod Ms3 pro ecu,

Ps: e85 423hp 23psi

Cooling: Koyo N flow radiator Rad hoses Rb clutch fan

Aero: BN-SPORTS type 2, Ganadors, M bros corner lights,

Wheels: Work CR & VSKF 17x9 & 18x10, Zestino 215 40 17 / 225 40 18

Interior: Non cracked or bubble dash.signed by Abo satsukawa, Works bell rpx tilt quick release, Nardi classic, Cusco 7pt roll cage with flake paint, Bride zeros, Bride brix, Wisteria driver seat rail, Bride mo pass seat rail, Air purifier, Drift button, Radio/heat/ Ac, Defi control unit, Defi vsd, Defi link display oil press/temp, Defi tacho 60m 9k, Defi boost in psi, Defi water temp, Defi fuel press, Jps shift knob

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