Scott Harris


FB Gallery Driver


Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

I got my first S13 because of a close friend in Highschool Jon “Wayne” Yuen. He introduced me to the first drift family I ever had, Art and the Lazy Penguins; I instantly became hooked. EVERYONE in the Norcal drift scene put me on (y’all know who you are!) The only events we had at the time were weekly Night Drifts at the banked circle track at Altamont Raceway and Bob’s donuts events at Buttonwillow Raceway and Thunderhill on xmas and Thanksgiving! The best ones were the Word Up drift events as well, those events at Great America were the SHIT! Big ups to Mark Arcenal AKA Mark Fatlace for hosting!

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

The first time I ever got excited about drifting was when I experienced my first turbo RWD swap.I swapped a KA-T into a shell I had. I did the swap in my garage with only the help of my friends and RIPPED it at Buttonwillow. That car is why I am forever associated with KA-T builds.

What cars influenced your car’s style?

Jay Pizarro’s s14 definitely inspired my current car. He had the CLEANEST black kouki S14 on VSKF in like... 2007?! Other dudes that inspired me are Pink Godzira in Socal, they’re the guys that made me want to have a drift team like Blvckmoon, a group of homies that built cars together and pushed each other to increase style in driving and always had the best aero out there.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

Risky Devil definitely forged the path.  I remember when they blew up the internet with the Wasted Summer video. They set the tone when they transported their cars to to California for All Star Bash. We connected and hung out at Jack in the Box until 2 am and they drove from SF to Horse Thief Mile. After seeing their dedication, I knew I’d make it out to USAIR, who knew I’d make the trip twice? - PS: CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!!!


Machine Check


Engine: KA24DE with upgraded rods and pistons, Tomei KA-T mani, Enthalpy tune, t28, 550cc injectors, Apex’i intake filter, z32 maf, FMIC and an SAFC Neo, simple, reliable and seat time has always been the mod.

Drivetrain: Competition Clutch/Pressure plate, MPAC 4.6 final drive service, with Villains plate welded diff.

Footwork: Stance XR1 with Blvckmoon Laser etched top hats, Full SPL arms (tension, toe, RUCA and traction), PBM frame risers, Stoptech and PMU D1 pads

Aero: Fineline Dmax Type 3, OEM kouki wing, Ganadors with Aerowolf visors

Wheels: SSR Agle Premium 18x9+12 Federal RS-RR 215/40/18 18x10+12 225/40/18 Kenda, Triangle, whatever 18x9.5 +20/+12

Interior: Bride Zeta 3 L and Brix 1, Nardi Classic 330MM, Nismo Knob and CCS Auto select dash escape cage.


Special Thanks!!! ~ to all the photographers that supplied photos! Be sure to check out their respective Instagram accounts - THEY HAVE AMAZING PICTURES! “Shout outs to everyone I mentioned. Media shout out 1st and foremoust to my girlfriend Kristina and homie Kenny Chow for shooting the Final Bout SSW video! Other media mentions Gearbanger, Jason Wong, Kamikaze Carlos, LSD John, Narita Dogfight, nasty ass Dbax too.” - Scott Harris (if your photos are being used in the post and would like them to be tagged please DM us ~ THANK YOU!)