Roy Cardoso


FB Gallery Driver

Name: Roy Cardoso

“Initial D. That’s where it’s started for me. 16 years old going to the mall with friends after school and playing till the mall closed almost everyday. 

   I started out with a stock Dohc hatch and learned a lot but ended up selling it in the pursuit of a car better suited for winter. I ended up with a Cressida. Drove it till the HG blew and bought another Cressida which is where the Red car was born. The red car was where I was truly able to show my deep love and inspiration for Japanese style drift cars. I would get lost in magazines and the internet searching for pictures and ideas on what I would do next to the car. Through that car I was able to meet basically every friend I have now and as much as I wish I never left the s chassis, I wouldn’t change a thing. The red car ended up being sold and to the west coast I went. Bought another Cressida (silver Cressida) which was a mistake so I’ve decided to leave that car out of my history. 

On to the quest for the power of the 326. Going back to the s chassis was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 326 power has always been my vision of ultimate street style and that was the main vision for that car. I was very happy with how that car came together and would love to build it even better again some day. 

  Super D cup round 1. My last event with 326 and my first ever competition, first day really trying to tandem, and first day ever with knuckles. I ended up taking 2nd place and my life was changed. The building aspect has always been so enjoyable to me but after this event, driving was the number one main priority over everything else and still remains that way today. 

Silver car ver. 2 was built with a more d1sl competition mindset with gp sports style aero, one piece wheels, livery, and ride height slightly higher. The car drove significantly better than any setup I’ve ever had and really opened my eyes to a better setup car that allows me to drive at my full potential.

  My current green car is 100% the best representation of what I truly want out of drifting that I’ve ever created. With D1SL still the main inspiration both in car style and driving style, this car for me, is perfect. I have some new plans in the works for an updated look, but tuning wise, the car gets closer and closer to what I want every time I drive it. Aside from my family drifting is my other half. Life is great.”


Machine Check


Engine: SR20DET Redtrop

Turbo: Tomei M8270

Footwork: GP Sports G Master Coilovers, B-Knuckle

Cooling: Koyo radiator

Accesories: Autocollect Storm

c32-red-bosstown (2).jpg