Paul Harrison


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When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

My dad taught me about the pendulum when I was 10, I honestly have always wanted to go sideways. I learned about drifting years after being fully obsessed with WRC and rally cars, that lightbulb moment, where I just knew what I was born to do! I've always been obsessed with cars, my father had a ridiculous Mini when I was 8, sparkle paint, super low on wide wheels that stuck out, and it was so terribly noisy! Perfect! Dad taught me how to do a Scandinavian flick when I was around 14, as soon as I could drive I was putting the family mini van in the ditch! I have owned my te27 "Mango" since before I ever drifted, it was and is, my Drift car.  Since 2001 I have had a te27, my current car since 2004!! It has been drifting since 2006, It has taken me from beginner, to competitor, to team mate, te27 for me is drifting.

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have? 

My major influences of my drift style, being a corolla guy Ueo for sure, his aggression and committed style keep you on the edge of your seat! 

What cars influenced your car’s style?

My car is particularly dumb, and my story is long and hilarious, but small low cars run in the family, and the 90’s were real!   I took a lot of styling cues from vintage rally cars, with big flares, and combined it with late 90's super low 86  drift cars.

What drivers influenced your driving style?

Like most drift scene’s back in the early 2000’s there were one or two guys who had the info, had found a magazine, or had the internet, so we all looked to them for guidance, Qman, Devin, Piggity these were my local OG corolla hero’s. Guys who could drift, Piggity Paul once yelled at me during a run when I grabbed the handbrake “don’t use that! Go faster!”

86 and 4age have been a huge part of developing my style, full throttle fully committed, and huge angle. Being from Canada I also love driving in the snow, and a gts with welded diff and angle mods  is the best way the spend the winter months. My most modern experience has been is300, top of fifth on a frozen lake, and my new daily 1999 Toyota Altezza with the same 3sge BEAMS engine as my drift car. (PHOTOS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE)

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I ended up here after doing the circuit of practice days, competition drifting, fun days, team oriented events, and then finding my teammates in ShaDynasty and just loving the experience of driving with great friends and traveling to new tracks together.


Machine Check


Engine: Toyota 3sge BEAMS, dual vvti, itb

Turbo: NA

PS: 10 more than Matt Panic

Footwork: Stance Coilover, Swift Springs,

Tuning: Adaptronic ECU, PanicWire harness/tuned by Mark Panic

Aero: Heng


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