P.J. Prendergast


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Name: P.J. Prendergast

When did you first get truly excited about drifting? What drivers influenced your driving style?

“I've been drifting since 2012, and was inspired by Drift Faction in 2010 after spectating my first local drift event. Their shakotan style combined with fast paced driving is what influenced my attention to detail in regards to both automotive styling and driving technique. Fast forward to the beginning of 2018, where I was presented the opportunity to purchase a car from the team that inspired Drift Faction... the Sexy Knights! I met Tomoya Suzuki formerly at Nikko Circuit in April of 2017 when ProceeD and friends rented some cars to drive an event with some of the teams from Special Stage Japan. It's kind of funny, I was trying to ask his friend Enomoto San for a ride along at the time but he told me to wait for his friend to arrive... that friend was Suzuki San, and I was immediately placed in his FC and experienced the infamous Nikko Sanpatsu. The rest is history!

Back to the car itself.. Suzuki San purchased this FC in November of 2016, and his teammate Ryo Miura was the first Sexy Knights member to properly test out the car, which Suzuki San lent him for SSJ. Tomoya only drove the car 3 times, one of the events he drove was a Chiba Soul event. I'm not sure if I have this part of the story correct, but I believe that Tomoya had intended on keeping this car for a few years to use later on but it was then offered to me (to which I immediately said yes of course). He said that it is "my treasure to you", and I will certainly treasure it for the rest of my existence here.

Thank you so much for the inspiration,



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Engine & Drivetrain: Knight Sports Turbo with HKS actuator, Apexi Super AFC and a Knight Sports 4-Beat ECU, ORC super single clutch, Mazda speed LSD

Suspension: Stance Coilovers, Sexy Knuckles

Interior: Thrash Racing Seats (not in yet but will be before FBG?), takata harness, Omega Bolt in cage, Nardi 330mm classic

Exterior: BN Sports Type 1, RE Amemiya IV wing, TE37 17x9 / 18x9.5

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