Mike Martino


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Name: Mike MaRTINO

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?:
The drift style I had back when I originally started drifting was very different from now. A trip to Japan, a few years ago, for me was the most influential as I was able to see first hand cars and drivers I looked up to. I had been following @15toyama for a long time previous to meeting him in. His OE low S15 really had me hooked and when he took me for a ride I was sold.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?:
A few years ago when I started to venture out of Ontario drifting and started to try some events out in the states. Gridlife 2015 was probably a huge change for me as I got to drive with a lot of US drivers I had looked up to. Guys like Simba (lololololol) and Josh were huge influences for me because from the start of street drifting I had always looked up to their S13s for inspiration and being able to drive and pit with them was a new experience for me which turned into an awesome friendship.

What cars influenced your car's style?:
Rootbeer Revgasm, T2's red hatch, Taguchi UpGarage S15, Taniguchis Red S15 on AVS6 and the white Vertex Edge iteration.

What drivers influenced your driving style?
I think my driving style may not have been influenced by a specific driver, but more so pushed by certain drivers.
I felt my ability to drive was really pushed to my previous limits when driving with Leigh "Gittin" Roto and Simba at FinalBout SSE. That in it's own was a different experience because I've always driven with drivers at my level vs drivers beyond me.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?
Drifting has connected me to things in more ways than anything else in life. I've gained life long friendships from it and it's helped me both in my career and mental health.
It became more than just a hobby or fun thing to do. It became a version of my life that I want to always remember how it made a great foundation of where I am today and who I've been able to have with me.


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Engine: S15 SR20DET, OE T28 - 1.1bar, PowerFC D-Jetro, JECS 800cc Injectors, Tomei Oil Cap, HKS Super Power Flow Filter, ReinHard 3" Exhaust, Trust Downpipe, Tomei Elbow.

Cooling: Motul Engine Oil, Blitz FMIC, OE Radiator with Clutch Fan and Shroud. Blitz Rad Cap

Suspension: Stance XR1 10/8kg Swift, ER-1 Knuckle, PBM Full Multi-Link, Sub-frame Risers, 4.01 S14 Welded Differential

Body: Vertex, C-West Style Bonnet, Dmax Boot Lip, Origin Labo CF Roof Wing, Dmax LED Taillights, CF Eyelids, Final Konnexion Bar Canards, Work T7R 18x9.5+12 Square


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