Michael Tung


FB Gallery Driver

Name: Michael Tung

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

Like almost everyone my age the game consoles, television and the internet ruled my early life. These were staples like Chevrolet, baseball and apple pie. They provided endless content for a hungry adolescent. That's how I learned about drifting. How can you not notice?

What cars influenced your car’s style?

Early video montages of grassroots Japanese drift footage were my favorite. I'd watch these on loop, techno music included. I'd recognize cars before I'd recognize names. Then cars didn't really carry liveries. They were usually solid colors with a vertex or other kit of choice. There was nothing better than seeing color matched cars in drift trains. These are the same cars that influenced what I think an ideal drift car is. 

What drivers influenced your driving style?

NOB's S15 get plenty of screen time in these videos and that's who as a driver most inspires me. Not only was he the freaking KING at D1 at the time, but he double dipped as a pro grip driver. When he drives it's so smooth and in control. Transitions are fluid, no he doesn't throw crazy angle or snappy transitions, but to me that's not the ideal. 


Machine Check


Engine: LS1

Turbo: N/A

Footwork: Feal 441 Suspension, custom knuckles

Cooling: Griffin Radiator

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