Michael Scott


FB Gallery Driver

Name: Michael Scott Przeslicke

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

Born in Georgia, raised in Illinois. Main influences in the style for my car are A-Bo-Moon and 326power.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

The first time i have ever seen a drift car was in 2012 at AutoMass. i was instantly hooked, I always loved cars but i have never seen them in this form. it was crazy too me to see these low cars with big chrome wheels and aggressive aero being driven so hard. soon after i bought my first car, a white 1993 240sx. Being only a sophomore in high school i was always broke and did whatever i could afford to do to the car. I got as much seat time as i could, whenever the car wasn't broken. I blew up a couple engines, sold that car and bought a blue 1992 240sx. I got a lot of seat time in the blue car and eventually blew that one up too. I traded it for a red sr20 swapped 1990 240sx which eventually developed a rod knock and also blew up. I was fed up with never driving my cars, always working on them, and stupid mistakes. I saved up some money and purchased my dream car at that time, the Lexus is300. 

I was inspired by grassroots style and driving. A lot of the cars didn't have many engine modifications, but had a lot done to the exterior, and the cars were driven super aggressively. I try to do the same in my is300 and drive it to its limits and have as much fun as possible. I've mainly driven at Usair and a few other local tracks. I plan on traveling to events in the future.  Drifting has slowly become my whole life and the only reason i have all the friends i do. Its awesome to be apart of such a great community. 


Machine Check


Engine: 2jzge

Footwork: STANCE xr1 coilovers, swift springs 24k 18k, mintyfresh moose knuckles

Aero: BN sports kit, Ascura Garage fenders, chargespeed hood, mintyfresh roof wing, 326power wing


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