Kevin Petersen


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Name: Kevin Petersen

When did you first hear about drifting?

I first heard of drifting while trying to find a cool car to buy. Every time you looked up any of the cars I was interested in, they talked about drifting so i looked into that and knew I had to be doing it. My favorite drivers are anyone exciting , Tetsuya Hibino was my favorite driver back in the day jumping is AE86 Levin Coupe ( same car as me at the time) over and over at Ebisu years and years before Siato. From 2005 to 2008. I had a 13BT powered 86 coupe that I drove in events all over the PNW. I then met up with Gerard and switched to the MX73 Cressida (still probably my favorite car i've ever owned). I was building up my UCF20 Celsior to drift but was hit by a semi truck so now I'm switching over to my Altezza. This car will have every single product we make.

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

I would honestly say my friends, we used to be so hard on each other always pushing to get better and driving but to us that meant your driving style. I recall early on one friend and I took our e-brakes out so that we could prove we didn't use them to initiate. I also think having driving a close to stock AE86 really helped me gain my personal style. You need to be going as fast as possible, you need to whip the car from side to side to initiate, you cant use the brakes or you wont make it through the corner. You can come in with the wrong angle or line and use your power to save it. I recall memories of sitting around watching Dori ten ( on VHS ) talking about taking the "man line" how some drivers can see a line through the track that others don't even think of.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

It seems like this was so long ago... I recall not being able to sleep before my first drift event but even before that every night we would go out and drift on the street ( 2003 ) The Cops had no clue what was going on back then. We had this once area to go where you could see them coming down the road for ever so whenever they showed up we had stopped and we just standing around talking. My best friend and I wold drive around and if we saw a drift style car ( FC, 240, AE86 ) with any modifications we would leave a note with our phone number asking it they wanted to join us streeting which sounds so ridiculous now lol I lost that feeling in recent years as Gerard and I concentrated on growing the company and I hadn't been on track in in many years. The whole rush of emotions came back this summer though while driving Villains sportsland and another local track.  I'm super pumped again feeling like I did back in the early 2000 I cant wait to get out on US Air.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I dont feel that I choose any path per say... When I started drifting we had a core group of dudes who were really into this is the group that infulanced my love of car style and personal dirivng flair. As time went on drifting was the the only path for me, I worked to build the car and go to events and that was a huge part of my life. In 2002 we had US drivers coming up here to drift as we had legal venues and they did not. That all switched a few years later when evergreen speedway started hosting drift events. This was a far bigger track and a bigger driver pool. My initial group of drift friends were starting to fizzle out into other interest and only 1 of them transitioned into the next stage of drifting. This second group had seen some of us out drifting and wanted to get in on it, this is the time when we all go down and drift at all the tracks in Washington State, Evergreeen, Bremerton, South Side, Pacific Speedways. It became a nearly weekly thing to drive 2 hours south of the border to go drift your car and then drive it back. This is still something I love doing, i drove my car 7 hours to villains drifted it for 3 days and drove home. Every other single car there came on a trailer. Soon that group of friends also started to fizzle out and this is when Gerard and I started going hard on SERIALNINE.


Machine Check


Engine: Sock VVT-i 1JZGTE / Spectrum Motorsports S400 Turbo / JIC down pipe / Uras Intercooler / ATI fluid Damper

Cooling: Koyo Rad

Drivetrain: ( SERIALNINE CD Pro with CD009, DS Pro, X Member Pro, Solid Diff bushings, Solid Subframe bushings all by SERIALNINE ) / Tilton triple plate clutch / Aluminum 1pc Driveshaft / JZX110 Diff

SERIALNINE/Reinharte XR-1 dampers 22/14 (Sport RUCA, Toe, Traction, Sport FUCA, short knuckles, angle kit, and dual caliper kit with hydro e-brake all by SERIALNINE)

Aero: N Style fender flares / SERIALNINE /Custom GT Trunk / OEM Aero kit / Custom Rear Diffuser / SERIALNINE Side Canards / Front Splitter / Livery by SERIALNINE

Wheels: I'm not 1000% sure what wheels I want to run yet...

Interior: OMP Rally 2 spoke / Old Thrash Circuit spec B passenger seat / New run Thrash Circuit spec B Drivers seat ( If done in time ) / SERIALNINE hydro handle

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