Kelly Palfi


FB Gallery Driver

Name: Kelly Palfi


When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

I have followed drifting since about 2005, but In 2009 I saw live drifting for the first time at a D1 exhibition event in Chicago, and that was the day I was truly hooked. A few months later I purchased my first car which was an sr20 s13.


What cars influenced your car’s style?

I’d say most of my style is influenced from Chiba/Kanagawa street cars. I’ve always enjoyed the elegance of Orido, Taniguchi and Ueno’s early cars as well. Also can’t forget the locals from the early ‘07 days, Risky Devil and Grip Gambler. Thankful for those guys paving the way and making all of this possible


Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I’ve never been on much of a path. Drifting to me has simply always been about making the coolest looking streetable drift car that you can take anywhere at anytime. My path has been to just do what it takes to keep my car on the road and looking good. I’ve taken a lot of pride in daily driving the 240 I had, and the current GS for the last 10 years; as they are the only two cars I’ve owned.


Machine Check


Engine: 1jz vvti, Holset HY35, Denso 650cc, Turbosmart Hypergate 45


Cooling: Koyorad N-Flow, E-fans, GREDDY FMIC, oil cooler, ps cooler, AC delete


Drivetrain: r154, ORC 559, driftmotion driveshaft, welded differential


Footwork: PBM sc300 coilovers 18/12k, driftworks rear upper, Megan toe/trac/lower control arm, Megan front upper


Aero: Custom Evolution explosion front, Wise Sport sides and rear Wheels: AVS T6 Interior: Buddy Club P1, Power FC, STACK oil/boost


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