Julian Jacobs


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Name: JuLian Jacobs

When did you first get truly excited about drifting and who influenced you to develop the drift style you have? Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

Since my first experience with drifting (around 2003), driving technique has always been the most critical aspect for me. Over the years, the importance continues to grow in creating a machine whose look matches the performance and emphasizes explosive driving style.

My current s13 Silvia came from Tokyo to California, again to Kansai, Japan and back home. It’s most recent setup is a reflection of these travels.


Machine Check


Engine: S13 SR20DET, GREDDY 256/264 CAMSHAFT, MMP TD06-20G, NISMO injector, Apexi Power FC

Cooling: KOYORAD N-FLO triple pass radiator and oil cooler

Drivetrain: Nismo Coppermix Disc/CC pressure plate and flywheel, Z32 Trans with Xcessive adapter, Welded (4.6 Final)

Footwork: Stance D1Spec Coilovers (9kg/mm F) and (5kg/mm R), B-Knuckle steering knuckle, S14 front control arm, HEATMAKER power brace, R32 GTR Brakes (F) Z32 Brakes (R)

Aero: Origin Labo aggressive line aero, type II carbon hood, type III 55mm fender front and rear, eagle style wing, Auto Collect Storm fender brace

Wheels: Work VSKF 9.5J 17” -7, Rays Gram Lights 570 10.5J 18” +12, Valino Pergea 06R (235/40/17 F) (265/35/18 R)

Interior: Thrash racing bucket seat, custom wheel, Suichuuka shift knob

22289890_10159496522285644_9164373511593695854_o - lifewithapeperoni  - 2.jpg
22289890_10159496522285644_9164373511593695854_o - lifewithapeperoni.jpg

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