Jay Kubota


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Name: Jay KUBOTA

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

My close friends are the core influence for the style I currently have. Because of them I was able to discover the drift community on all different platforms of social media. As I would explore and grow my love for this hobby, I would see so many people with the same desire. From there that’s where it took off! I gained my inspiration by so many other driver’s creative builds and unique styles. As well as the old school D1 cars that have been the inspiration to many of us. This overall led me to establish my sense of style.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

There was a time when I was 12 and my dad took me Go Karting. I would just do it for fun as to bond with my dad, but it was during this time that I unknowingly discovered the techniques of drifting. As I got older and had more fun karting, I soon saw myself loving perform these drift techniques and knew that I wanted to do more than drive go karts. Then there was the SPIRIT OF JAPAN DRIFT EVENT in 2014. This was the first event I’ve ever been to, aside from FORMULA D. At this event, where actual cars were drifting, I then realized that I wanted to start drift heavily. Fast forward a year later to where I get my license and my first car which is my current 240sx. Very inspired and excited to actually start drifting in this car, I met new friends who now have become my teammates, which I enjoy driving with a lot.

What cars influenced your car’s style?

My car style has been majorly influenced by old D1 videos and Drift Tengoku magazines. I also took heavy inspiration from low riders and tuners car cultures  which I blended bits and pieces of each culture into my car to my liking. I’ve always appreciate all car cultures because of the fine attention to detail and passion that is put into the cars which most people overlook in the drift scene. But to some enthusiasts like myself it’s the small details that make the car whole. Ultimately the car was inspired by my teammates styles which lead to the final form of the car.

What drivers influenced your driving style?

There is no specific drivers that influenced my driving style. But I’ve always enjoyed watching old D1/ D1SL and V-OPT videos which consisted of grassroots drifting. Also, during the time my car was down the past year, Jason Kim gave me the opportunity to drive his very simple single cam 4.9 r/p 240sx bumper car. When I drove the car, he was able to give me feedback on what to fix and critique on my driving style with the car. Because of his feedback, I was able to improve my driving skill immensely in that car. From there on, I was able to transfer the skill and knowledge that I gained into my own car. I also enjoy watching people like Animal Style drive because of how consistent and trustful there are between each other when it comes to driving.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

Personally don’t think there is any certain “path” I took with drifting. I’ve always enjoyed a very simple street car, but living in SOCAL meant having very strict modified car laws. So having a heavily modified car and driving it on the street never went hand in hand. Mainly because of street racing and take overs. Knowing that there’s is a risk I took driving a modified car on the street, I ended up building my car mainly for track purposes with all the luxury’s a typical street car has like full interior,stereo,heater,etc. At times when I do have to drive the car to and from the track, I can do it in comfort of a nice street car feel. There has been no set and stone goal with drifting for me. All I’ve been doing is appreciating and enjoying the friends I’ve made with drifting cherishing the excitement and fun we all have together. 


Machine Check


Engine: Black top sr20det, S13.4 hybrid cover, Tuned on power fc on 14lbs by unrivaled tuning, Tomei 740cc injectors, Garrett gt2871r 0.64 a/r, Bc titanium valve springs, Bc valves stock, Tomei poncams 258, Carrillo 86.5mm pistons 10:1, Carrillo H beam rods, Splitfire coilpacks, Apexi 87mm Metal head gasket, Tomei extreme manifold, Pbm Cobra downpipe

Cooling: Koyorad oil and power steering cooler, Koyo N flow radiator

Drivetrain: OS Giken Super single, Aluminum one piece driveshaft, Welded 4.3 Diffrental

Footwork: Rival auto angle kit w/ moved rack, Dmax coils, Voodoo tensions & traction rods, Megan rucas, SPL Toe Rods, Pbm solid subframe bushings with bracing, Mazda speed 3 swaybar endlinks, Powertrix eccentric lockout kit

Aero: Shine auto Sexy style kit, Stage 21 hood, Dmax front fenders, Chargespeed rear overs, G Corp type 2 wing, Dmax roof wing, East bear mirrors

Interior: Bride zeig 2 drive, Signal auto passenger, Final konnextion 330mm wheel, Juran weighted knob, 5Lb NOS tank, Safety 21 6 point cage., Gt spec c pillar bar, Cusco rear strutbar, Defi Advanced Bf boost,water temp,oil ps, Aem wideband, Blitz SBC, Phase 2 checkered floor mats, Yashio factory drift knob, RAZO pedals, Blitz phone holder for Power Fc controller, Alpine type r 6.5’

Wheels: Ssr agle Minerva 17x9.25 +18 & 18x10.25 +8, Ssr Kiwamis 17x9 +12 & 18x10.5 +12


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