Gerard de Peralta


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Name: Gerard De Peralta

When did you first get truly excited about drifting and who influenced you to develop the drift style you have? Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

The thing that got me started on sedans in the first place was a SUPER old video 2000ish of Tezuka drifting in a grassroots comp in the unpainted half chaser/half MarkII BEFORE it was even brown. I just remember thinking "HOLY SHIT, whatever that fucking thing is, I HAVE to have one!!"  The JZ was just so raw with that banshee wail and limiter bashing, and he was flailing the wheel about, shifting insanely and the car was filled with smoke (watching it now, he FULLY misses gears lol ) and it was the CRAZIEST thing I'd seen in all of the option videos I'd watched up to then. I was hooked. 

I started drifting in 2007 pretty consistently until 2010. We were pretty heavily into sedans and IMO helped pioneer that scene in north america with our cars and products. Back then I built an X8 Cressida that was pretty crazy.  1.5JZ with a 60mm Borg Warner turbo and twin gates, GETRAG V160, HKS twin plate, full SERIALNINE suspension/aero/prototype parts, had custom wide fenders and 18/19 stagger on WORK Varianza S4S wheels as well as ultra rare SPARCO NS06 Cheetah's painted in that outrageous Phoenix Yellow effect with a shit ton of hyper flair in it  (crushed glass)  Sort of got out of the drifting scene and more into the company for the better part of 5 years or so only having mildly modified cars and not going to any events. Started building the Aristo in 2015 as a showcase for our products and over the past 3 years its evolved into a worthy successor to the Cressida. It has every SERIALNINE part under the sun and makes a little over 500 hp. with the gates out the hood this time.  I'm excited to show my creation off at final bout and to drift with my long time friends/customers that have supported SERIALNINE since the Cressida days.


Machine Check


Engine: stock 2JZ-GTE/KOYO JZA80 rad/fuse fabrication mani/spectrum motor sports billet 62mm BW turbo/twin Tial 45's w'hood exit/aem infinity/1000cc injectors/surge tank with twin pumps. Currently 450hp. Looking to make a bit more in the near future here (setup is good for around 600)

Drivetrain:SERIALNINE CD-PRO /CD009/TILTON triple plate clutch/aluminum driveshaft/SERIALNINE solid bushings

Footwork:SERIALNINE/Reinharte XR-3 dampers 24/16/SERIALNINE/sport RUCA/toe/traction/FUCA/short knuckles(spindles)/SERIALNINE angle kit/SERIALNINE dual caliper kit and hydro ebrake

Aero:SERIALNINE BREED fenders/GT hood/sports trunk/admiration front lip/aimgain sideskirts/SERIALNINE canards/splitters/BMW alpine white 3 /"graphics/livery" by SERIALNINE

Wheels:custom VEILSIDE Andrew racing V 18x10.5/12-20 or so custom SERIALNINE center caps. Built by rarespec wheels.

Interior:Momo full speed 328D wheel white/unknown JDM driver seat/JZA80 pass seat/SERIALNINE hydro handle/Freddy gauges. (Street car spec)

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