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Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have? When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

Looking back on it, I guess what really pulled me into this was street drifting. I was fresh out of high school and looking for a project car, that same summer I was brought out by a friend of mine that knew some local kids that drifted. After one ride along in a back parking lot down by the Newark airport, I was hooked. I spent every free second I had building my first s-chassis. Learned everything on that S14 and drove it every chance i got. From unforgettable nights out drifting in Queens with everyone to some of my very first Club Loose events. Unfortunately that car’s story ended in a hurricane. It sucked watching that car get taken from me overnight but I knew this wasn’t the end of drifting for me. I searched for months and eventually found the S13 I drive today.

I love my current car and don’t think I’d ever go back to an S14, so it was almost a blessing in disguise. It was a completely stock S13 with a single cam. Drove the shit out of that engine for a year before moving onto a SR20. Driving a low powered car was the best thing I’ve done to enhance my driving, so that year with the KA24 engine was super important to me. I’ve always loved the Type-X generation of the 180sx, so in a lot of ways I've tried to incorporate many features of that car into the build. But I’m also a fan of body kits on drift cars so I never fully committed to the Type-X exterior. Id say the three top style influences for me would have to be Itai, Komatsu and Fukuda. Those cars are what I look back on for inspiration. That video of Komatsu taking that girl street drifting is one of my favorites. And the way Fukuda destroys aero on track is just part of what makes drifting exciting!


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Engine: S13 Blacktop SR20DET, S15 Spec R Turbo, 550cc Injectors, Koyo Radiator, Greddy FMIC, PBM Downpipe, Fujitsubo Power Getter Exhaust, A’PEXi Power FC

PS: 300

Suspension: STANCE Suspension XR1 Coilovers, Nissan S14 LCA, Tein Tension Rods & Tie Rods, PBM Front/Rear Drop knuckles & Rear Upper Control Arms/Toe Arms

Exterior: BN SPORTS Type 3, Koguchi power hood, D-MAX roof wing, Origin Labo +30mm Overfenders, Blitz BRW Type-03 17x9/18x10

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