Dominic Sacco


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Name: Dominic SACCO

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

Even with all the media out there these days and how easily accessible old Option, BM, Hot Version, and the likes are now, I can very easily say my driving style is influenced greatly by my friends. Of course as a whole group, a lot of that can be sourced back to Japan. Street Style drift cars will never get old to me and being able to push your limits at the track all day and cruise back to your city for some pizza is the epitome street driven drift cars. There's nothing greater than a car that can do a little bit of everything. Everyone who pursues this mindset helps remind me why I love my car the way it is.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

Drifting has subconsciously been a part of my life since the 90's. I grew up with wrenches in my hand thanks to my dad and he wasn't some jabronie that just sat in his lawn chair at a Good Guy's show. That dude can drive and will scare the shit out of you in the passenger seat. Fast forward to my teen years when I was racing IKF Go-karts. At the end of practice days my dad would swap the rear tires with some super hard dry rotted ones and I'd go out and slide as many corners as possible. Usually ending up on a hay bale. A little more forward to my early 20's and I've purchased my first FR chassis, a 1991 Nissan 300zx. I started off in empty parking lots and desolate one or two turn intersections as most of us have. Started meeting some locals around 2011 that were into drifting as well and that's when I attended my first street drift session. That's when the indescribable aura of drifting was realized. That's when the spark became a flame. And that's when my debt free credit history turned upside down.

What cars influenced your car’s style?

This one is a little tricky as my influence for car styling always comes from other chassis'. I'm not much of a Z32 enthusiast if I have to be honest And back in the day they were seldom seen in media covered drifting with the exception of a couple D1GP cars. And as cool as those cars are, I don't take much styling influences from them. I've always gawked over photos of 2000's demo cars staged up at TAS. BNsports gold R34, 326power Dlux and 3d S14's, Gloss Factory cars, Gcorp Silvia, the list goes on and on really. Low, obnoxious aero, loud paint, and just an overall rowdy vibed car is always going to stand out to me.

It's hard to say the car had multiple "major" phases as I've kept the formula pretty simple over the past 8 years. It went through some major changes at one point taking it down for about half a year but has otherwise always been a "get in and drive" type of car. As the photos say, I bought it bone stock, it slowly went lower and lower and got driven harder and harder, to the point that you see it today(pretty fucking beat). But it has a plethora of stories to tell and continues to make more. Do not worry, it'll be back to it's former aesthetic glory soon enough.

Drifting influences have always been there since before I even realized it. Seeing cars styled certain ways in magazines and videos. Seeing some up close in person at Hot Import Nights and other California car shows was mesmerizing as a young kid. Attention to detail is what my father would always point out to me. But fast forward to having the responsibility of my own car and a group of friends who share the same passion, I can honestly say no one influences me more than the dudes I'm around every day doing this crazy car stuff with. All of the guys in GoldStar have helped the most in shaping my car and driving to what is has become today. Speed is for the moment, (street)Style is forever. I don't think that'll ever change.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I don't think there was a certain path that I choose for drifting. In fact, I think it more so chose me. Drifting isn't my life honestly. But my friends and the people that I get to surround myself with definitely is. These cars become an extension of one's self, so whatever path my car has been extended towards was the path I have subconsciously gone down.


Machine Check


Engine: Standard VG30 Naturally Aspirated JWT intake JWT ECU tuned via blatz courtesy of Z Car Garage 206whp (lol) CSF aluminum radiator Earl's powersteering cooler Custom exhaust with a muffled 2in>2out X pipe and dual 4 inch blast pipes.

Drivetrain: Z1 Motorsports Unsprung Clutch Unknown short shifter (gift from japan/TD Garage) Custom 1 piece driveshaft Welded R200 4.08 VLSD

Footwork: Custom built/tuned Stance SS S13/14 Swift springs 16/12k Front: HeatMaker FLCA 25mm extended/notched HeatMaker Hotside S14 knuckle HeatMaker modified crossmember Powertrix tension rods Stillen Sway bar Energy Suspension sway bar and steering rack bushings OEM Nissan S14 inner/outer tie rods GoldStar Garage custom Mcpherson steering conversion Rear: PBM V2 S13 drop knuckles Powertrix RUCA Powertrix toe rod PBM solid subframe bushings Energy Suspension Poly differential bushings. HeatMaker modified Z32 subframe (diff raised 25mm) Stillen sway bar with Energy Suspension Poly bushings.

Aero: Kouki front bumper Kouki corner lights Switchback LED turn signals/daytime lights TwinZ Type II Kouki lip '90 Nose Panel Powertrix foglight bumper vents Ebay underbody strobe lights Ebay headlight/taillights strobe lights Bomex Z32 Aero Mirrors Supermade S13 side skirts modified for Z32 JZA70 Spec-B rear add ons TwinZ rear diffuser 326Power Manriki rear wing modified

Wheels: SSR Agle Strusse 18x9.5J +17 square set up (front is -13 offset with spacer)

Interior: Thrash Racing bucket seat Key!s Racing Fossa Magna steering wheel Kenwood audio deck LED floor/under seat lights Autopower full interior cage modified by Brown Recluse Garage SerialNine shift knob


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