Billy Lemke


FB Gallery Driver

Name: Billy Lemke

Who influenced your style?

I would say my biggest influence would be a lot of the local Chicago guys. I have never traveled, and Chicago street style is really all I know or have ever experienced.

When did you first got excited about drifting?

I would say it was definitely at a hot import nights demo. Somehow me and some buddies got into the back where all the cars where, and i got a chance to really see them and watch them up close. After that I met the Club Sandwich guys at a local Sonic meet, and went to go watch Nic Giannini go drift at automass rd2. At that moment I was hooked. Shortly after that I purchased my sc300 and it all is history from there.

What car(s) influenced your style?

Well the earliest I can recall was seeing Takahiro Ueno's car in a performance auto and sound magazine. Shortly after that I saw AJ's sc300 and fell in love. The lack of sc300s locally always made me want one even more. Just to stand out and be different, and to this day, I still try to do things to it that will set it apart from the rest.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

From the get go, I never wanted any kind of fame or anything from drifting. Just driving 4 hours to USAIR on a monthly basis, stopping at rest stops and just bullshiting with friends is what drifting is to me. Street drifting has been and will always be the reason I do what I do. Meeting up at a spot, parking the cars, getting out and just talking, laughing and making memories is what it is about. I have been blessed to meet a bunch of people who share that exact same belief as me.


Machine Check


Engine: Vvti 1jz-gte Panic wire wiring harness

Transmission: Ar-5 with a action stage 3 clutch

Aero: Originlab stylish, stage 21 hood

Wheels: Ssr Vienna kreis

Interior: bride lowmax full black leather swap, tanabe gauges, yanack shiftknob, pops performance climate control

Suspension: Stance suspension coilovers 16k22k springs, modified stock knuckles, battleversion rear toe arms, battle version solid diff and subframe bushings


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