AJ Gillett


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Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

I don’t really know that I’ve modeled anything I’ve done after anyone else, or studied the way others drive, I just try and go out and better myself... Which is probably why I never get any better.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

I’ve been interested in drifting for as long as I’ve been driving, but I started with Hondas, and didn’t really have anything that I could drift. In 2006/2007 I saw street drifting in person for the first time, and went out and bought my IS a couple months after.

What cars influenced your car’s style?

Anything that’s low and doesn’t have a bunch of stickers all over it.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

For me all that really matters is having a cool looking car and driving as much as possible. I don’t really like working on cars if I can avoid it, and I never wanted to sacrifice driving time for the downtime that comes with properly building a car. This led to 10 years of driving my IS with a stock NA 2J, and several failed attempts at building purpose built track cars, that would eventually get pushed aside for the simple reliable car that always worked.


Machine Check


Engine: JZX110 1JZGTE pretty much stock, custom inter cooler/piping/exhaust setup, Future Fab downpipe, archaic mishimoto radiator

Drivetrain: Marlin Crawler built R154, Xcessive Engineering trans mount, Clutchmaster stage 3 clutch, welded diff

Footwork: Stance XR1 coilovers custom valved with Swift 22k/16k springs, JZX100 FUCAs w/ Moonface ball joints, Serial9 roll center adjusters, Heatmaker knuckles, Figs rear toe arms, Megan RLCAs and traction rods

Aero: Currently, Altezza Modellista Qualitat full kit, C-West hood, Ganador mirrors, Minty Fresh roof wing, and TRD trunk wing

Wheels: Advan RG. Front: 17x9.5 +25. Rear: 18x9.5 +22

Interior: Safety21 cage, Buddy Club P1 seats, Nardi 330mm deep corn, TRD butt plug, Pioneer headunit, Tanabe Revel gauges

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