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Name: Kevin Phan

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

Similar to most other drivers I was and still am very influenced by how the Japanese drive. I mainly drive with my brothers Shane and P.J, we have very similar driving styles that mesh really well.

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

When I told my brother I wanted to get an Integra back in 2007, he told me to look into a 240sx because you could drift them. Drifting had a similar feeling to skating. It was a constant adrenaline rush and I always wanted to improve my driving.

What cars influenced your car’s style? 

Man there is just something about a car that's hovering barely above the ground, watching it drift through a corner, simultaneously going how is that even possible. Those are the cars I enjoy the most. I always loved how BN sports looked on a 240sx(Fukuda, Koguchi, Hsu) that I just had to have it. I've been rocking the same style aero now for 6 years. The looks of the car have changed only slightly since 2013.

What drivers influenced your driving style?

Nobuteru Taniguchi for his immaculate handwork, everybody needs to watch his in car videos for how effortless his driving style is. My driving style is a result of years spent being memorized by Japanese drifting and applying what I could, developing my own style as I continue learning

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

I like the style aspect of drifting the most. The visual enjoyment of a well executed car. Keeping my car as simple/reliable as possible to drive as many events as I can was the main goal. I drive my car everyday on the streets, to the track and home. Sometimes the day ends with a ride with Triple A home but usually it'll never skip a beat. I cant stress it enough to people who are new or have been drifting for a long time that nothing beats seat time. You don't need much more than some suspension arms, a seat, coilovers and LSD to have fun for 8 years on a stock DOHC KA. Thats what I did, but I am very happy with an SR20DET now :)


Machine Check


Engine: stock 2JZ-GTE/KOYO JZA80 rad/fuse fabrication mani/spectrum motor sports billet 62mm BW turbo/twin Tial 45's w'hood exit/aem infinity/1000cc injectors/surge tank with twin pumps. Currently 450hp. Looking to make a bit more in the near future here (setup is good for around 600)

Drivetrain:SERIALNINE CD-PRO /CD009/TILTON triple plate clutch/aluminum driveshaft/SERIALNINE solid bushings

Footwork:SERIALNINE/Reinharte XR-3 dampers 24/16/SERIALNINE/sport RUCA/toe/traction/FUCA/short knuckles(spindles)/SERIALNINE angle kit/SERIALNINE dual caliper kit and hydro ebrake

Aero:SERIALNINE BREED fenders/GT hood/sports trunk/admiration front lip/aimgain sideskirts/SERIALNINE canards/splitters/BMW alpine white 3 /"graphics/livery" by SERIALNINE

Wheels:custom VEILSIDE Andrew racing V 18x10.5/12-20 or so custom SERIALNINE center caps. Built by rarespec wheels.

Interior:Momo full speed 328D wheel white/unknown JDM driver seat/JZA80 pass seat/SERIALNINE hydro handle/Freddy gauges. (Street car spec)

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22289890_10159496522285644_9164373511593695854_o - lifewithapeperoni.jpg

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