Final Bout 3 Driver Information



1200 ~ 1800 - Gates open, Tech, Roll-in
1900 ~ 2200 - Trackside Dinner


0800 - Drivers Gate Open
0900 - Drivers Meeting
0930 - Hot Track
0930 ~ 1230 - Practice Session (Full course)
1000 - Spectator Gate Opens
1230 ~ 1330 - Lunch
1330 - Drivers Meeting
1345 - Lineup & Team Introductions
1400 ~ 1600 - Competition
1600 ~ 1830 - Exhibition Runs
1830 ~ 2000 - Dinner Break
2000 ~ 2300 - Night Session 


1000 - Drivers Meeting
1030 - Exhibition Runs
No Lunch Break
1700 - Track Closes


Please arrive to USAIR by Friday daytime. If you have an enclosed trailer you are looking to have in the pits with you please be sure to inform Simba and arrive either Thursday or really early Friday, the later you arrive the less likelihood of getting it in the pits with you.

Please ensure that your cars are fully operational, not leaking fluids, everything is tight and pass general tech. Full tech information can be found HERE. A few quick highlights include:

  • Car must have a fire extinguisher present in the vehicle and reachable to the driver
  • Car should not be leaking fluids
  • Everything is appropriately tightened (seats, wheels, batteries, bumpers, etc)
  • Working headlights and tail lights for the night session
  • Look good

The night session will run until 11PM. Vehicle must have headlight on driving in and out of the pits for the safety of spectators and other drivers.

Alcohol is to not be consumed while the track is hot. In other words no alcohol can be drank until 11PM on Saturday, and 5PM on Sunday. 

Please respect the venue and the town. This means do not speed, there is a large police presence due to the holiday weekend in town. Please inform any friends or crew with you regarding this as well. Same goes for while at the track.

All teams will only be allowed one additional vehicle per team to go in and out of the pits, this is a safety measure for you to ensure people are not driving in and out potentially with your parts. Your drift car and that one vehicle will receive a sticker denoting in and out access.

USAIR, and Final Bout are not responsible for any lost, or stolen parts, so please keep watch of your items, as well as be friendly and keep watch of your neighbors too.