FB Gallery Driver

Name: Eric Chob Corvera

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

I was influenced by VHS Options tapes that Josh let me borrow/view with him back in 2003-2004. He let me practice IRL with his black 180 that we named Michael Jackson. Lil Phil also let me learn with his NA Miata back then. I owned a Black Type R, so those 2 cars were my only way of learning.

Fast forward to 2007, I sold my type R and bought the s14. I didn’t have any money back then to hit events, so we street’d often. It stayed grey until 2008-09. Lots more streeting, ASB 2009, went black with 19’s. Come 2011-12 I sold that for the GS. All stock except for a Non-VVTI 2JZ-GTE. The car wasn’t driftable until 2013-14. Then over the years we messed with it while trying to get comfy driving it. It wasn’t until the year before FB3 that I was fully adapted to the car.

What drivers influenced your driving style?

The driver who will always stick out in my mind is Kazama when his s15 was red with Kei office wheels, then when it went green when his biggest sponsor was Pro-Drive. His pedal work always amazed me and I still aspire to be that good someday.

Why did you choose to take the path through drifting that you did?

With the GS I hope to be one of the leaders of inspiring more people to drift them. One of my goals for the GS is to have the biggest aura of sound style for the car. WG hat, cams, high pitch exhaust tune. The most fun I have with it is being able to tandem with 4 people in my car and bumping the sound system.


Machine Check


Engine: 2JZGTE normal

Turbo: Precision 6262

Footwork: STANCE coilover, Heatmaker Knuckler, Serial Nine Arms