FB Gallery Driver


“Drifting and rotary engines have always been inseparable for me. I have worked to capture the ultimate street drift aura while enjoying rotary power.  My FD is the ultimate evolution of my style.”

Who influenced you to develop the drift style you have?

“My favorite drift team is SEXY KNIGHTS. My friends from Sexy Knights have always drifted with rotary engines, and began as a street drift team. Their car style and love for the rotary inspired me to work hard and always enjoy rotary engines. Also my friends at Team Freee’s influenced my use of pinstriping and lowrider-inspired style.”

When did you first get truly excited about drifting?

“I first got excited about drifting when I saw an FC RX7 drifting at a local street drift spot. I had just arrived, and had never seen drifting in person before. Seeing the car scream into the corner at night shocked me, and inspired me to street drift RX7s forever.”


Machine Check (FD3S)

Engine: Mazda 13b-REW, normal

Turbo: BW EFR 7670, Trust manifold + wastegate

PS: 400

Footwork: STANCE coilover, HeatMaker Knuckle

Cooling: Koyo radiator + oil cooler, HKS V Mount

Tuning: Shook Engineering